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Picket at Downtown Jimmy John's

author: Matt A
Jul 04, 2009 12:53

Picket at downtown Jimmy John's!
Where: 3rd Ave & Seneca St, Seattle
When: 11:30am to 1:30pm, this Monday (7/6) and future days to be announced
Also: general meeting this Sunday (July 5)

Recently a visiting Jimmy John's executive walked by Jason, a hardworking bicycle deliverer, and didn't like the way he smelled. He noticed a whiff of last night's beer and cigarettes, which Jason had been sweating out through hours of hard pedaling. With barely a word, just for that, he casually had Jason fired.

The truth is it's not Jason that stinks, it's this kind of arrogant, heavy-handed corporate management which casually throws a worker out of his job on a whim. Last Thursday, a group of around 20 friends and supporters joined Jason for a visit to Jimmy John's downtown sandwich shop to politely deliver a message: management should correct this injustice, either by reinstating Jason, or if they can't do that, then by providing him with a modest severance pay. Yesterday Jason received the boss's response: they have now 'withheld' (for unspecified purposes) Jason's entire final paycheck!

We now have a serious conflict. The plan now is to start aggressively picketing Jimmy John's during the peak lunch rush, strongly encouraging customers not to eat Jimmy John's (among other tactics...).

To do this we need people! If you are able and willing to join in some lunchtime picketing, between 11:30 and 1:30 on Monday and/or other weekdays, please reply to with your name and phone number so we can coordinate ongoing pickets (twice a week? multiple locations?) for as long as it takes to make management see the light.


You're invited to the next SeaSol meeting this Sunday July 5, 5pm, at LELO: 3700 S Hudson St, Seattle. Anyone who has joined in an action in the past, or is just interested in SeaSol, is welcome.

Other Updates:

The U-Haul fight has ended. Having been personally assured by the regional manager that U-Haul does not give out any details about their past employees, Marrico has decided he is satisfied and ready to put this behind him. Those of you who came out to support him, he says he really appreciates it and he'll be there for you in the future.

The employment-discrimination conflict with property developers Lorig Associates is getting underway. This is likely to be a long-term campaign and we're starting small, but stay tuned for announcements about major actions in the next few weeks.

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pigshit and self-lighting charcoal
Posted by: anon at Jul 07, 2009 15:30

pigshit, chickenshit and some charcoal of the sort that you put incense on to make the house smell nice. Add some pepper seeds to the mix. You can put it inside an empty sodacan.I can garantee that the restraunt will be evacuated.

I Support Jimmy John's.
Posted by: Are you nuts at Jul 10, 2009 12:20

I support Jimmy John's right not to employ someone smelling of alcoholic nicotonic ass.

What's the whole story?
Posted by: Just curious at Aug 07, 2009 12:48

What's the other side of the story? Was this the only time this guy has done his job smelly? I understand that bike messengers/delivery people will tend to work up a sweat, but it's not an ideal way to receive your food. If it's their stated policy to be stink-free at work, then I'd say they (JJ's) were justified canning the smelly guy. I'm not sure why they would decide to withhold the last paycheck though, unless there's a lot more to this story then what is written here. Even being fired, he should have a reasonable expectation to be paid for the hours he'd put in up to that point.