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Tacoma: Gas Stations Attacked in Solidarity with Greek Fighters

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Dec 20, 2008 23:20

a modest strike

Early on the morning of the 20th, in memory of the 15 year old hero Alexandros Grigoropoulos and all those murdered by the police and other defenders of this false and rotting order, and in memory of our own lives, fuel hoses were slashed, pump consoles were destroyed, and the message "walk to work and murder your boss" was left at two Shell stations and two Chevron stations in Tacoma.

This announcement was also sent to the News Tribune, the Seattle Times and PI, and also the Puyallup Herald.

The attacks were a very small contribution to the targeted mayhem we hope to see engulf this world.

Fighting the forever war from Athens to Hilltop,

For the development of a high-intensity conflict against everything,

some anonymous comrades

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Posted by: eee at Dec 21, 2008 12:19

darn rught,cops are not lewtting up in their fascism,even in this time of stress ,they re attacking disenfranchised and earth healers

thanks for the news annoucement
Posted by: burr at Dec 21, 2008 13:07

for once the regular media were fed something to digest. Perhaps it will indigest, perhaps. at least you have done your duty and not let this go down as a "senseless" act by godknowswho.

I keep waiting for the day some grungy anarco kids get to the scene, ready to do their deeds, when out of the dark a voice..."hey kid- fuck off, we got here first" the kid turns to see what seem to his untrained eyes as the "enemy" real american ex tax payers, working day to day christians, rednecks, suited midlle management (unemployed today)etcetcetc, they are there with pitchfork, gascan, the usual arsenal of anger.

That'll be the day babby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fuck yeah
Posted by: anon at Dec 21, 2008 13:14

Stand strong, comrades! The insurrection is coming!

Posted by: RuralVegan at Dec 21, 2008 17:59

Ridiculous. This does nothing to educate others, and was just vandalism. How does this hold the memory of the Greek boy? How does this do anything other than lead people who don't know any better to think that anarchists/radicals are nothing more than thugs and terrorists? It doesn't.

Go back to masturbating to Crimethinc BS.

crimethinc would be an improvement
Posted by: fgh at Dec 21, 2008 18:58

Actually, Crimethinc was, as usual, smarter than their fans (not that it's hard to do) and their article on Greece points out the importance of strong community-based anarchist organizations in the background to the rebellion. Maybe one of these days their followers will take the hint and put their energy towards something more productive.

to naysayers
Posted by: insurrection now at Dec 21, 2008 19:16

to the naysayers: you have critiqued this action. that's fine... as long as you have or are doing something that you deem more productive. i'm tired of people complaining about what others are doing and dogging on others' ideas and actions when the naysayers often don't offer an alternative or aren't working on the issue in a different way.

so what did you do that was more effective/productive?

holy cow
Posted by: insurrection now at Dec 21, 2008 19:17

this is exciting

Here goes
Posted by: Rural Vegan at Dec 22, 2008 06:49

Go out and leaflet. Don't spend your money on getting high or drunk and use it to aid others in the community who need help. Don't close your circle of association off to just other activists, and bring the ideas of self-determination and cooperative organizing to those who won't be reached by hardcore shows and zines. Be productive with your time, and support yourself independently of the society you wish to see radically changed. Financially support those who might otherwise view the government or religious charities as their only source of help (suck it up and get a job or two...if you don't need the money, someone else will).

I've shown you mine, now show me yours.

Posted by: yo at Dec 22, 2008 10:15

whos to say people who do things like this dont also leaflet and talk to people?

Posted by: anonymous at Dec 22, 2008 11:55

At least the losers killed by upstanding law abiding citizens won't be bothering anyone else with their tripe.

Way to an hero, Alexandros Grigoropoulos and the other losers.

Posted by: anon at Dec 22, 2008 12:06

It's true, these actions get the attention. Others have printed pamphlets, we walked around in the snow and passed them out to people. While we haven't been taking direct actions, we support those who do.

Posted by: s at Dec 23, 2008 23:33

why do you think these people spend all their money on drugs an alcohol?