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Homeland Security Sets up Suspicionless Checkpoints Along Roads in Washington State

author: Charlie
Sep 12, 2008 07:38

Homeland security has setup up 3 internal checkpoints on the Olympic Peninsula. These checkpoints are in addition to checkpoints at Washington Ferry docks and highway border crossings. According to the U.S. Border Patrol, it has a jurisdiction of about 100 miles from the border. This puts most of Washington state in an area where border checkpoints are authorized, including Seattle.

In August and again in the beginning of September, the Department of Homeland Security has set up suspicion-less checkpoints on the Washington peninsula. The checkpoints are in the town of Forks, at the west side of the Hood Canal bridge going east bound, and at the third near Discovery Bay on US 101. Forks is a timber town of 3,200 people that is 56 miles from the nearest ferry terminal connecting Washington to Canada. At the road checkpoints there and elsewhere, the border patrol ask drivers different types of questions to gauge their status in the U.S., including questions about citizenship. Please review this video to understand how to deal with this illegal check points:

You don't have to answer Border Patrol's questions. Ask if you are being detained.

At the end of August, about 60 people demonstrated against the Forks Border Patrol checkpoint. Edgar Ayala, a Forks High School athlete who graduated with honors in June, was arrested on August 20th at the Border Patrol checkpoint and deported to Mexico. Tanya Ward, one of the organizers of the protest, is a member of the Hoh tribe and told a reporter from the Penninsula Daily News that she felt that immigrants are treated with the same unfairness shown to Native Americans. She said, "I don't think it's right for them to be taken out of their homes when their children are here and they're not doing anything wrong."

If you are interested in protesting these illegal road blocks please contact me: ceakins at gmail dot com

I live in the Peninsula, in Kitsap county.

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Don't roll down your window
Posted by: Charlie at Sep 12, 2008 11:03

Forgot to add don't roll down your window either, only crack it open.

holy shit
Posted by: anon at Sep 12, 2008 14:36

this is creepy

Posted by: ice hater at Sep 12, 2008 16:10

thanks for showing a way of resisting! let's stop these checkpoints and shut down ICE and CBP!

Shut down 104
Posted by: Charlie at Sep 12, 2008 16:46

There's only one way we can shut these down, and that is a massive show of peaceful protest by shutting the highway down by creating a very large convoy of US Citizen, and asserting our rights at the check point. This will back up traffic for miles and miles and piss people off who will complain loudly about the check point. The Hood Canal Bridge is a great location for this, because there is no other way except to drive around on highway 101.

Posted by: T Jefferson at Sep 12, 2008 16:54

Wouldn't it be fun to protest these roadblocks, say, 1 mile before them in either direction...That would really piss off those fascist thugs.

Peaceful Protests?
Posted by: They Call Me Bruce at Sep 12, 2008 19:22

How much longer do we have to be peaceful with tyranny before it's too late? To hell with peaceful protests. It's time to cowboy up and fight!

More of the Same in AZ
Posted by: Fred T at Sep 12, 2008 21:39

The same has been occuring in Arizona. I-10 northbound and I-8 Westbound.

Posted by: anon at Sep 12, 2008 21:56

Good job man!!

Posted by: aNONYMOUS at Sep 13, 2008 00:18

Well handled, Sir. You are a credit to your Country. Remember, remember the four questions, the ONLY answers you need to give to any and all questions of authority figures (including Police, Security, DHS, and IRS(!):

1. Am I under Arrest? Am I being detained?


3. (IF you are detained/arrested:) "I have nothing to say until my Attorney is Present." - or- "I'll be happy to answer your questions when my Attorney is present."

4. I want to call my Attorney.

Keep Repeating, the authorities will be insistent!! I carry these in my wallet with my ID at all times.
Use your rights, or lose them! This video makes it Very, Very clear.

Good Job
Posted by: Trollkiller at Sep 13, 2008 03:27

To be clear I do not like criminal aliens, they need to be deported or jailed.

BUT I can not support ANY agency that knowingly acts outside of their legal authority nor can I support any person that acts under color of law or pretend color of law, that refuses to answer basic questions such as badge number, name or if you are in fact being detained.

The man in the video handled this nicely.

trail run for something bigger?
Posted by: Cory at Sep 13, 2008 03:43

Forks is in the middle of nowhere! This is insane. Really makes me thing they are testing this out to see how well it would go over in more populated areas. Give them hell!

Happening Here Too!
Posted by: San Juan Islander at Sep 13, 2008 06:47

The Border Patrol/ICE is also doing this at Anacortes for arriving passengers from the San Juan Islands. Our U.S. Rep and Senators are apparently helpless to stop this despite widespread protest. Border Patrol commander attended a public meeting and told us the courts would have to stop them, until they were told by the courts (!) this would continue. What good are our 'elected' representatives???
Protest this!! Get together and convoy, make them arrest hundreds of drivers so this unbelievable madness stops!
A person can cross Europe without a passport but can't drive to the store in Washington State without 'showing our papers'. This is absurd, ridiculous, and making the U.S. the laughingstock of the world. Another great feature of the Bush/Cheney Regime.

Nazi America
Posted by: ORDO AB CHAO at Sep 13, 2008 11:40



good work
Posted by: arizonan at Sep 13, 2008 13:22

nice. if only everyone did this everywhere.

the other thing i would note is: get used to it. half of Arizona (and the rest of the southern border states as well) is already full of USCBP checkpoints, many that are temporary in order to get around rules against them. It will only get worse unless people refuse to cooperate, as demonstrated in your video. Soon there will be checkpoints all over the country everywhere unless we stop it.

Be Smarter than You Pretend to Be
Posted by: Thomas Jefferson at Sep 13, 2008 13:30

The Supreme Court has ruled that these checkpoints are in fact legal and constitutional. In a GAO report of the effectiveness of the checkpoints, it is reiterated. Here's a link:
to make it easier, it's on the top of page 14. If you don't like the checkpoint blame your representative who's ineffective at representing you, but don't blame the Border Patrol agents for doing their jobs and doing it well, dealing with uneducated A**holes who constantly spout off constitutionality and legality without doing the basic research themselves. That's the real problem with Americans, it's that you want all your info served to you without doing any real work on your own part and that's why you blame the media and politicians for "misleading" you because they try to give you information in little packets that you can manage to disseminate without picking up a friggin' book.

dude no
Posted by: kystien at Sep 13, 2008 20:57

Thomas Jefferson

Listen they may be doing their job, but as citizens we need to step up and do our jobs by challenging the legality of this, if it is against the constitution it is illegal, it's like asking if you love this country or not, if you're on America's Axis of evil list then you're out, even if you don't agree with your home country, the same crap is happening up here in canada, except we have the Military doing it out on the highways, and it's their way of "training" for Operations in Afganistan. it's illegal and should not be used against law abiding citizens. they need a warrent to examine your vehicle, not a bill passed in congress or the parliament.

All the bill does is cement the police states we are now living in now, and it's all due to so called Terrorism like back in Nazi Germany, but now its Nazi America.

The Rest of the Story
Posted by: Don't Be A Jackass at Sep 13, 2008 21:14

So Jackass screws with a BP Agent trying to do her job and goes on down the road.

BP Agent records vehicle license plate and reports the problem. 10-miles down the road Jackass is pulled of in a traffic stop on some BS charge.

Jackass gets a citation for everything from speeding, to failure to have a litter bag with the Dept. of Ecology seal on it.

So now Jackass is out $500 bucks or so. His name and vehicle are added to a list of trouble makers kept by the local cops.

Internal checkpoint are a bad idea, but being a Jackass doesn't help the cause.

Be Smart! Don't Be A Jackass!

be a jackass...
Posted by: anon at Sep 13, 2008 22:31

For every one of the BS charges, demand a jury trial. Demand to represent yourself, and then fight the charges. If you can get free appointed lawyers to represent you, and the local appointed lawyers are good, use them. If you lose, file appeals. If enough people do this, it clogs up the courts. Never, ever plead guilty - make them prove to a jury of your peers that you are guilty.

100 jackasses = 1 non-functioning court system

Message to Don't Be A Jackass
Posted by: Jackass at Sep 14, 2008 07:48

To: Don't Be A Jackass
IMHO, your advice about not being a jackass only helps the fascist state lock us down even tighter. The longer we comply with their totalitarian demands, the harder it will be to turn things around.

No Fascist State!
Posted by: TT at Sep 14, 2008 08:13

There was no threat from this border patrol agent. She did not show any weapon or even harsh language for that matter. The driver should have just answered the question and drove off. You guys who support this video and that type of behavior are probably the same ones who bitch about the borders being open down along Mexico.

good comeback
Posted by: meria at Sep 14, 2008 13:57

they do the same well inside the border of Arizona too and most people just comply. the border fence may be to keep Mexicans out, or keep Americans IN.
Vote 3rd party.

way long ago
Posted by: jonnie canuck at Sep 14, 2008 19:17

years ago while spending time camping in the saguaro deserts of arizona, i happened to be hitching back with supplies in a van smokin' herb and we got halted in the middle of nowhere. unrolling the window a blue cloud of smoke escaping, the guard barked, "u guys all amerikan, right??" we whities said yes (sir!) and away we went...

Welcome Home Troops
Posted by: Alex at Sep 14, 2008 20:23

How can a verbal citizenship check stop terrorists, drug smugglers, illegal aliens, or criminals?

Here at home, US citizens are not required to carry proof of citizenship. The standard driver’s license does not prove citizenship.

Is this an incentive program for the new enhanced driver’s license? Will the new license prevent crime?

If the terrorists hate our freedom, maybe they are pleased to see it restricted.

Constitutional right to be silent
Posted by: Charlie at Sep 15, 2008 05:59

What some people seem to not get is that even though the courts have said these checkpoints are legal, you still have the legal right to be silent, as in not answer their questions. The whole point to protest these checkpoints is so they will go away. Thus the reason behind a large convoy going through and tying up traffic for hours, by refusing to answer their questions. If enough people complain about waiting for hours then they might go away.

Right Wingers Mascarading As Freedom Lovers
Posted by: Lonnie at Sep 15, 2008 11:15

It's interesting to see the right wingers who mascarade as freedom fighters. "Illegal aliens"? Don't make a fetish of "the law" or "legality". It's almost a cliche to quote MLK, but in fact we are not beholden to obey unjust laws. Remember: what the law is at any given moment is nothing more than a reflection of ruling class interests. There's nothing "eternal" or "essential" about any law. Laws are historically conditioned. There were no laws regarding "legal" or "illegal" border crossings until the rich people decided they needed to pay lower wages to a particular segment of the population (compared to what the rest of the population) and they needed to pit those different segments against each other. When you rail against "illegal aliens", you are benefitting the rich who write those laws, not yourself or your beloved fetishism of "national sovereignty".

well done
Posted by: Nagasaki at Sep 15, 2008 12:04

Well fucking done. You know your rights and excercise them. That's the way you do it.

If the RCP was truly the 'vanguard'...
Posted by: anon at Sep 15, 2008 16:10

..they'd organize a guerilla army and 'deal firmly' with these Border Patrol pests!

Macehvelian minipulation
Posted by: copperhead at Sep 16, 2008 07:12

For those of you that want illegals out as I do. consider this. The place to stop them is at the boarders , that are deliberately let open until you foolishly accept your rights under the 4th and 5th amendments should be given up. They could also deny anyone who wants something for free the service or goods being given who is not a citizen, but they don't do that either. Isn't it clear that they let these people in and give them free stuff so we see the only way out is to submit to these road blocks? why do you think they let them in the first place.

Why not??
Posted by: James at Sep 16, 2008 11:32

Clearly, there was an intended lack of cooperation when "Charlie" was pulled over. I do not think it was profiling or an unjust question. I am glad to see enforcement at last. Come to California and see the results of non-enforcement for decades!

A Montana type solution...
Posted by: CowboyFlyingTheBird at Sep 16, 2008 15:15

turn around go home, get your cattle, borrow your next two neighbors cattle, drive them up the road through the check point. At two miles out turn the cattle around an drive them back through. Do that two to three times a day and they will close the check point for little else than city folk can't stand the stink of reality.

Who's in Forks?
Posted by: x at Sep 16, 2008 15:38

Who is being bothered? Tourists$ Maybe but they are not invested in our area. Also poor folk and First Nation folk.

If DHS wants to pick up a bunch come on to my neighborhood. Queen Anne is under going a construction boom. The hill is swarming with 'people who don't speak English.'

So how come the rich neighborhoods are left alone and the poor are once again being infested with non-responsive heavy handed enforcers?

ps - nice video - very funny! Did the DHS lady have an accent?

the reason
Posted by: born in WA in 1960 at Sep 17, 2008 02:19

this kind of development is on of the many reasons the moved me to leave the US many years ago... I am now a happy and free citizen of the united states of europe, where we dont live with the miltary dictaorship the USA inflicts on its own people and pretends to "free" the rest of the world from

I pray I have your guts
Posted by: Barbara B -- Keizer, OR at Sep 17, 2008 13:24

I hope that, if this ever happens to me, I have the guts to resist as in this video. I fear that I may just mutter an answer to the questions and go on my way seething inside but doing nothing productive.

STOP the CHECKPOINTS! Rally & March Sept 20th
Posted by: Charlie at Sep 18, 2008 11:22

STOP the CHECKPOINTS Rally & March
Saturday, Sept. 20 at 1:00pm
In Port Angeles, Washington
At the Federal Building
First & Oak Streets

It's not about illegal immigration
Posted by: Son of Liberty at Sep 19, 2008 09:26

If the government was serious about removing illegals, it would assign border patrol agents to schools during student registration, to emergency rooms in hospitals, to shopping malls, and other places where they are likely to be found. There are not many in Forks.

It is obvious that checkpoints are placed to gauge our reaction, develop countermeasures to our resistance, and to train us to accept them.

As more checkpoints are established, it will become routine to see them and eventually people will stop complaining even though they may find access denied to some areas as the authorities try to channel all traffic through central checkpoints.

We are losing our freedom on a pretext of terrorism, and continued public resistance is necessary to roll back government aggression against the public.

I am with Son of Liberty
Posted by: Alex at Sep 19, 2008 16:43

I served 20 years in the Marines for this?

Posted by: Supporting the Bill of Rights at Sep 21, 2008 14:23

- A fascist regime is a political and economic system in which corporations and the wealthy elite are essentially the government. The person or
individuals at the top are puppets, completely beholding to the powerful interests they serve.

- Fascism places the state first. The country does not serve the citizen, the citizen serves the country.

- Fascism is noted for extreme nationalism, often taking patriotic displays to absurd levels --"freedom" fries, lapel flag pins, "Constitutional Amendments" against utilizing the flag for protest.

- Fascist regimes thrive and grow based on lack of government accountability.

- Fascist systems are hostile to liberalism, intellectuals, social justice movements, trade unions, and dissent. Such regimes erect these groups as "enemies" of the state by labeling them.
[Domestic terrorists, extremists, radicals, enemy combatants.] They proceed to target, attack and smear peaceful, benign groups and individuals accusing them of fabricated wrongs against society while vowing to protect the country from such evils.

-Fascists seek to rid the courts of "liberal" judges and eliminate as much of the peoples' right to redress governmental abuses as they possibly can.

- Fascism depends on lies and propaganda for public support. It sets about redefining public opinion by controlling and corrupting the media; and governmental institutions [particularly lawmakers/legislation] to suit its own goals.


PATRIOT ACT --the government can conduct searches and seizures WITHOUT showing a crime has been contemplated or committed. The federal government avoids
the probable cause requirement of the Fourth Amendment by merely alleging that part of the reason for the search and seizure is related to foreign intelligence gathering. However, there doesn’t have to be ANY suspicious activity.This is unlike the Fourth Amendment's searches and seizures, where the affidavits and resulting warrants must be specific to the information being sought and seized.

FISA -- A continuation of the Patriot Act. Unbridled surveillance of U.S. citizens. The government can retain information obtained in its searches WITHOUT notifying the target of the search. Under the Bill of Rights, the target of a search not only knows there
has been a search but has been officially served with a warrant for it, and can challenge the validity of the warrant and the underlying affidavits in court. No such judicial challenge is available under FISA. Unless there is a criminal prosecution under FISA, the target may never know that the government has been watching them, tapping their phones, following them to work, or
copying documents and records they thought were private.

REAL ID ACT -- turns U.S. drivers' licenses into national ID cards. Invades and strips privacy rights; refuses access to those without the ID card from planes, trains, national parks, court houses and other federal facilities. Extremely high probability that this law will be expanded to include many more limitations / restrictions of freedoms for those not carrying a REAL ID.

PROTECT AMERICA ACT -- allows for massive, untargeted surveillance and collection of international communications without court order or meaningful oversight by Congress. [ Surveillance includes international phone calls, emails, snail mail and library books.]

VIOLENT RADICALIZATION & HOMEGROWN TERRORISM PREVENTION ACT -- "Homegrown" terrorism is defined to include “intimidation” of the United States government or any segment of its population—including investigating groups advocating boycotts, general strikes, or other
forms of non-violent protest.

AETA -- Legitimate, peaceful expression, which economically damages or inhibits the business of an animal enterprise, can now be classified as terrorist activity. The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act criminalizes the right to speak, assemble, protest ,blog or boycott against unethical corporate interests / individuals. [1st Amendment states: Congress shall
make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition
the government for a redress of grievances.]

CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE -- government seizure of property or cash owned by individuals not charged with any crime. [4th Amendment states: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place
to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.]

MILITARY COMMISSIONS ACT -- allows for U.S.citizen concentration camp facilities. [600 to 800 + camps already completed and staffed under FEMA, which is now part of Homeland Security.]

And this is only the TIP of the iceberg. If I were to list every law, executive order, and signing statement which infringes upon the rights of the individual and guts the Constitution in the U.S. today, this email would scroll on for an interminable length. Please DO YOUR HOMEWORK -- Investigate! Network! Organize! Protest! Then do whatever it takes to create a TRUE government of the people, by the people, and for the people!

It's just her job
Posted by: Alex at Sep 25, 2008 21:44

You don't have to be an asshole to this cop, I DON'T SUPPORT THE CHECKPOINTS AT ALL, I'm just saying it's not her decision to do make them and ask questions. You should find the one in charge and bring the issue to them.
But anyway, nice work I guess.