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Tacoma Municipal Building Paintbombed

author: Hilltop People's Council
Apr 23, 2008 13:53

Tacoma Municipal Building Paintbombed

In responce to the planned closure of the MLK Jr. Homeless Shelter, the Hilltop People's Council decided to paintbomb the Tacoma Municipal Building. This is the building where the corrupt City Council meets to decide the fates of people it does not care about whatsoever.

The City Council does not exist for the people of Tacoma, let alone the Hilltop community. It exists for its own enrcihment and the enrichment of its developer bedfellows. The City Council is concerned only with money, profit and rampant greed.

Do not let them close the shelter. Do not let them get away with this next assault on the community. The rich do not want to see the poverty they thrive off from their new condo windows. Cover their windows with paint. Break their windows. Go to the City Council meeting on May 6 and let them know what criminals they are.

In Solidarity,

Hilltop People's Council

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whose community?
Posted by: burr at Apr 24, 2008 10:28

they are looking out for the community to which they owe allegiance and to which they feel a kinship.

Rather than property destruction why not show a greater good allignment? Oh, that might take some work and inspiration. That might take thinking outside you self imposed box, the same one the council is stuck in, let me point out.

If they respond to constituencies, bring them a constituency, not a howling mass of protest. Show them a cost benefits analysis that ends with win-win. Don't accept their starting point of win-loose.