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Occupation Project kicks off in Seattle

author: Abie
Feb 06, 2007 07:53

An _Anti-war_ action called "The Occupation Project". Can you guess what that means? Occupying offices of the congressmen and -women who talk about peace but walk like it's business as usual. Starting today!

SEATTLE -- The Seattle Occupation Project Coalition kicks off 8 weeks of occupation today with a visit to the office of Senator Patty Murray (D-WA). They'll be at the Federal Building all day, out front and in the Sentor's office, talking, singing, and just being, all part of a nationwide campaign to end the war in and occupation of Iraq.

Their demand today is simple. They want Senator Murray to sign a pledge that she will vote _against_ any further funding for the war in and occupation of Iraq.

But will Senator Murray walk her talk against war? Will she even put her talk in writing? This remains to be seen.

The Occupation Project is coordinated by Voices for Creative Nonviolence, and is open to anyone who commits to their statement of non-violence.

Read more! A firsthand account of an action last week in Portland here.

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