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Ft. Lewis Demonstration for Kevin Benderman's Freedom

author: Elliot Stoller
Apr 23, 2006 14:49

Kevin Banderman is serving 15 months in the brig for refusing to be deployed to Iraq. After he had filed for conscientious objector status the military prosecuted and convicted him of missing movement. In other words, he was no longer willing to be part of what he considers to be an unjust and immoral war. And the military doesn't like that.

On Saturday, April 22nd, ten supporters of Kevin Benderman stood on a freeway overpass near Fort Lewis with signs and a Free Kevin Benderman banner.

Gary Condon
Linda Jansen
  Mike Yossarian




They were slightly outnumbered by pro-war protesters.



Military and U.S. Flags displayed by the pro-war protestors.

On this beautiful northwest day Kevin's supporters put up with much verbal abuse from the pro war side.



  A pro-war demonstrator stands close to Mike Bedoian.
Woman in support of the Iraq War
R. V. Ginther
But they don't plan to give up. They will be there every 4th Saturday of the month until Kevin is free. For more information go to: and

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Posted by: robertovideo at Apr 25, 2006 12:47

war, what is it good for ?
Absolutely nothing.

Notice the pro-war folks on main page
Posted by: Anthony Vicari at Apr 26, 2006 14:26

Notice the pro-war folks who crashed the anti-war vigil in the photo on the main page. They are the ones waiving American flags...
There seems to be some kind of psychological effect that they suffer which makes them feel superior to if they are the only ones who can waive an American flag...

Posted by: joe at Apr 28, 2006 12:14

because the police are teaching the wrong thing.the
are evil .stilling . killing.abbouising magic wappen

RE:Notice the pro-war folks on main page
Posted by: Terry Harder at May 02, 2006 18:18

You folks are welcome to carry an American flag anytime you wish. Not one of the people carrying the American flags is pro war, we support the troops for being there to fight when asked. We love our country just like you, we simply have a different opinion. In America we all enjoy the freedom our troops have secured for us which includes any rude remarks anyone happens to make which came from both sides (not something that helps either cause). If Kerry had become president instead of Bush and sent our troops into harms way in a different conflict, we would still be waving our flags for our troops. Say what you will and think what you may, without our troops we have no one to stop those that would destroy our country.

The invasion is not a fight for freedom
Posted by: Doug Nielson at May 12, 2006 20:07

The Bush Regime is destroying Iraq and this country.
To the extent that soldiers believe they are fighting for our freedom I respect it. But the reality is the war in Iraq is a fight for oppression and corporate domination both at home and abroad. Freedom certainly isn't free. People like Kevin Benderman show us, by example, that we all need to stand up and fight tyranny.